Philosophy & Process

Our mission is simple – we want to make you look good.

Sounds easy, right?  There’s a lot that goes into creating a cohesive visual strategy.  Graphics, colors, fonts – all of the pieces need to work together.  More importantly, they need to serve as an expression of who you are and who you want to attract.  As a business owner, you have a unique approach to what you do and our ultimate goal is to give your brand a personality of its own that resonates with your customer. We want you to stand out, and we want you to be memorable.

We start every project with a phone consultation so we can get an accurate picture of who you are, what you do, how you’re different from your competitors (you are!) and what makes your clients tick.  We’ll use that information to create a visual strategy for your business that really hits home with your ideal client.  You want your client to visit your site and fall in love with you – we can make that happen.

Our focus is on creating beautiful visuals – we’re not about cranking out generic design.  If you want something gorgeous that makes you go “oooooh – that’s PRETTY!!” – we’re the studio for you.

About our Founder

Carolyn Heim is a classically trained illustrator and painter who later transitioned into computer graphics and web design.  In addition to a solid foundation in art, Carolyn brings to the table over 15 years experience in marketing, communications, brand strategy, and operational management for public and privately-owned global companies.

Carolyn grew up in the Philadelphia area and spent time living in New Jersey and Manhattan before moving to Charleston, SC where she currently resides.